Gerhard (Hempies) du Toit is a fifth generation South African Huguenot winemaker who traces his winemaking heritage back to the founding of South Africa and anticipates a continued contribution to South Africa's winemaking future. Hempies du Toit continued this family tradition of viticulture and oenology being raised on the Alto Estate, one of South Africa’s oldest vineyards with heritage dating back over 300 years. Annandale is situated on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountains in Stellenbosch.

Hempies previously enjoyed success as a world class rugby player, earning 5 caps as a front row strongman on South Africa’s Springbok national rugby team.Hempies purchased the 75 hectare Annandale Wine Estate in September 1996 and, after 25 vintages at the Alto Wine Estate, departed in May 2000 to continue his family’s tradition through this new venture.
“I stick to using proven methods of winemaking that have guaranteed quality for hundreds of years, with as little interference as possible in the fermentation and maturation process.”
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